SR 38

WINDY was established in 1966 by Hugo Vold. His father was a fisherman, and his family had many anxious moments awaiting his return as storms raged in the Skagerrak. All his father’s boats were called ‘Vindy’, and he brought every one of them safely back to port. Vold shared his father’s love of, and deep respect for, the sea, and called his company ‘Windy’ in honour of his father’s sturdy fishing vessels. 57 years on, Windy Boats is proud to live according to Vold’s legacy, and to build production and custom boats which are acknowledged throughout the world as second to none.

The all new SR38 will be the third model in our new SR Sports Boat Line and represents the sixth new WINDY model introduced in just the past three years. The New Sports Line, where we will add further models in the coming years, compliments our already running Classic Sports Cruiser Line and WINDY SR Yacht Tender Line. We are confident that the new SR Sports Boats will appeal to a new generation of Windy Boaters.

The cockpit of the Windy SR38 has been designed with both the helmsman and the passengers in mind. The legendary Windy ergonomics have been preserved and further refined at the helm station whilst the large sliding side doors of fer unparalleled protection against the elements when need to be both for the driver and the guests.


The exterior design of the Windy SR38 reflects its purpose as a go anywhere fast and safe multipurpose family sports boat with emphasis on the practical aspects of boating. positioned in-between the Classic Windy Sports Cruisers and the now legendary SR Yacht Tenders.


In the open position the doors disappear creating the feeling of a very open boat. This feeling is further enhanced when the sliding roof is open. In addition, stand-up paddle boards, fliteboards, fishing rods and bicycles can be arranged on the roof racks just like on your SUV car underlining the versatile nature of the design of SR38.

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  • OVERALL LENGTH 12.85 m (42’)
  • HEIGHT 4.14 m (13’ 7”)
  • WEIGHT 8.000, 8.300 or 8.900 kg
  • FUEL 850 L (Inboard diesel) or 1100 L
  • capacity (Outboard Petrol)
  • Fresh water capacity 200 L
  • CE Classification Cat B 12