Windy’s philosophy has always been to design and build boats that set a new benchmark of style and performance. Working
only with the world’s greatest designers and craftsmen, drawing on their passion and skill, Windy has been able to build a
name and a product that is envied by many. The commission of the Windy SR52 Blackbird in 2008 provided the first
opportunity for Windy to partner with designers and naval architects external to the company. The SR52 Blackbird opened
up a new world for Windy, introducing the brand to the superyacht sector as the builder of the world’s finest chaseboat, and
Malcolm McKeon was intrinsic to the design of that model. We are incredibly excited to be working with him again.

Windy SLR 60 is a powerful 60ft chaseboat with a strong personality and clear dual purpose.
It is the first boat to bring together Norwegian powerboat builder Windy with Malcolm McKeon
Yacht Design. With a range of 850 nautical miles at 25 knots, the Windy SLR 60 has been
designed to be the ultimate superyacht chaseboat for long distance excursions.

However, it will also serve as a very nimble sports boat for diving and fishing, as well as support
shoreside exploration.

This contemporary and elegant design is fitted with a large swim platform aft of the luxurious
guest area and bar, making it a very attractive vessel for socialising and enjoying
relaxing times on the water.

The first vessel has been commissioned by an experienced superyacht owner and has been
designed to meet their stringent requirements. The SLR 60 features detailed design accents that
mirror those of her superyacht mothership.

Following delivery of this first SLR 60, Windy Scandinavia AB is looking forward to the design
going into production at the Windy yard in Sweden, making it the largest Windy available and
establishing the 60-footer as the company’s flagship.

A rigorous testing procedure to assess the boat’s performance in varying sea states has been
conducted. The SLR60 has been designed to operate in extreme sea conditions, with a generous
flare to the bow and multiple chines on the hull keeping the boat as dry as possible.


Cape Horn Engineering comments “We conducted a rigorous testing procedure to evaluate and
assess the boat’s performance in varying sea states. One of the main concerns of the client was
the amount of spray that the yacht would experience when going through waves at speed. CFD
investigations and analyses were conducted on how to minimise the spray or prevent spray being
blown back into the boat. By optimising the design of the freeboard with a generous flare to the
bow and giving special attention to the position of the multiple chines and spray rails this
concern was addressed, keeping the boat as dry as possible’’.


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  • Length overall : 18.18 m
  • Beam : 4,54 m
  • Draft : 1,25 m
  • Fuel capacity : 4250 L
  • Max speed : 42,5 knots,
  • Range : 850 nm @ 25 kts, Category: B