Shadow 900 Black Ops series is becoming bolder and darker than ever
before with the BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops Signature Edition. This
latest evolution is a compelling result of BRABUS’ hallmark next-level
performance, design language and attention to detail.

The available models within the series are the BRABUS Shadow 900
Spyder, a fully open version, the charismatic and adventurous BRABUS
Shadow 900 Sun-Top, and the XC Cross Cabin, an ultra-luxurious SUV of
the Sea and fully enclosed Cabin cruiser. Awarded with the Motor Boat
Award 2022 for its confident, user-friendly and stylish performance the
BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin is fully living and breathing the
BRABUS supercar DNA. A true the SUV of the sea.


The BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops Signature Edition is as BRABUS as
it gets with darker and further brabusized design cues: including a dark,
unmistakable “BRABUS Graphite Black” paint job, a brand new
upholstery color choice in “BRABUS Graphite” as well as Signature Style
graphics with red Signature Stripes that run across the entire exterior
design concept and are accompanied by sleek hull badges in black
chrome. The edition is hand built with focus on precision and finish, the
process of fairing, painting and polishing alone takes up to six weeks
due to non-automated, thorough and highly labor intensive procedures.
Another highlight of this next level evolution of the renowned Black Ops
series is the is the Sun Lounge, which is now standard on all BRABUS
Shadow 900 models, due to its high comfort-level and expanded social
space on the front deck. A multitude of new features such as a new LED
searchlight, black engine cowlings with gray or red accents according to
individual upholstery color choices, revised fender box panels, wall
pockets and LED bulwark step lights complement the boat’s irresistible
BRABUS appeal.
Transforming the traditional perception of what a purposeful cabin
cruiser should look like, the unmistakable look of the BRABUS Shadow
900 XC has created a new yet instantly recognizable face within this
popular boating genre. Utility and luxury come together; this is the
ultimate cross-over, whether you’re seeking out thrills or convenience,
the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC delivers performance at its very heart.
“Lashings of sinister BRABUS glamour and performance to knock your
socks off. A boat that makes you feel special.” – Jury statement, Motor
Boat Awards 2022


With a combined output of 900hp from Mercury Marine’s latest dual
450R Verado XL 4.6 litre V8 FourStroke engines, this powerhouse has a
superb power-to-weight ratio, offering up to 55+ knots performance at
the very top-end and with up to 40 knots typical cruising speeds.
Supplied exclusively with the Mercury Joystick Piloting helm control
system including skyhook digital anchor and autopilot. Class-leading
performance in every respect.


No restrictions, No Limits – Just like a well-designed, luxurious, high-
performance 4×4 for the road, the all-weather capable Shadow 900 XC
Cross Cabin is an ultra-luxurious sports utility vehicle made for the sea.
With its spacious, fully enclosed weather proofed cabin, be ready to
reach further and set out for next-level adventures all year around.

An ultra-luxurious cabin cruiser – Endowed with true ‘go-anywhere’
characteristics, while at the same time offering an extremely convivial
environment, with comfortable, raised seating for seven people in the
cockpit that effortlessly cossets occupants in the sophisticated luxury
and bespoke detailing renowned of a BRABUS superboat. The large
sliding electrical opening sun-roof and two large sliding doors open up
the cabin to the elements of the day, providing the perfect ambience
and lounge area to entertain guests and spent time with your loved

Sign of Excellence – The helm console is finalized with the exclusive
BRABUS Sign of Excellence signed by Constantin Buschmann. This sign
symbolizes the promise that each boat is unique, and hand crafted to
the highest possible standards by using the finest materials, newest
technologies and bespoke engineering.

Masterpiece badges – The BRABUS Masterpiece badge is an
unquestionable seal of quality. A sign of excellence signifying that
everything possible was done in the creation of the vehicle of your


This model combines the functionality, ease of movement, social
outdoor spaces and versatility of outboard walkaround centre-consoles.
Luxurious front cabin – Swathed in ‘sport-pattern’, cool gray and black
BRABUS fine leather with contrasting red accents and stitching, the front
cabin with a ‘queen size’ sleeping accommodation has every level of
comfort and more for you to fully enjoy your all-weather adventures out
on the water.

Taking it all in – Elevating the feeling of space inside, the Gullwing doors
for the front lounge provide easy access and interaction with the
outdoors. The net result adds an influx of incoming light and makes a
unique connection with the natural environment by bringing the
outdoors indoors and vice-versa.

The driver in focus – A clean and ergonomic helm that resembles a
supercar more than anything else. Everything on the dashboard is close
to hand, touchscreen technology with selected backlit switches and the
newly developed multifunction steering wheel with finger-tip controls,
make this one of the most modern looking consoles.

Electronics – The BRABUS Shadow 900 features a Simrad®️ dual touch
-screen full width, ‘Glass Helm Information Display’ with an updated
BRABUS User-Interface, including G-shock monitoring, access to the
boat’s main navigation, engine management, on board entertainment
and driving-assist features. With the extended Navigation Package the
helm is expanded into a four screen “bridge” setup that includes
additional functions like displaying the speed for the passengers, audio
controls and also a digital Panerai watch.

Smart Safety – A G-Shock sensor and 1st Mate Marine Safety & Security
System are among the boat’s safety and security features. The G-Shock
sensor helps drivers navigate rough weather in safety while the 1st Mate
System, in the form of a bracelet or fob, is connected to a mobile
phone. The 1st Mate System delivers important safety alerts and offers
features like man overboard monitoring, distress messaging, and a theft
deterrent. All combine to enable Black OPS XC Cross-Cabin drivers to
explore the world’s waters worry-free.


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  • Beam    3,35 m / 11ft
  • Draft to drops    0,85 m / 2ft 9in
  • Weight    4500 kg / 9920 lbs (XC Cross Cabin)
  • Outboard engines   2*450hp
  • Top Speed    102+ (XC Cross Cabin)
    km/h / 55+ (XC Cross Cabin) knots
  • Power    662 kW / 900 hp
  • Length   38 ft / 11,73 m
  • Passengers   10 Cat B / 12 Cat C
  • Berths   2 persons
  • Classification    B – Offshore, C – Costal
  • Hull design    Twin stepped 20°
    V “Sharp entry hull”